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Justin Langlois is curious about what art can do in everyday and civic life. He works collectively and through collaborative social practice to understand power and locality and the ways in which we might shape them. His artistic practice is based on emergent explorations of text-based interventions, organizational aesthetics, and socially-engaged creative activity in public spaces. His works aim to insert alternative and often collectively experienced counter narratives, dialogues, and collaborative possibilities into everyday spaces and situations.


Decisions, decisions

Installation, 2016

Decisions, Decisions is a participatory text-based work that invites audiences to rehearse the act of making anonymous decisions in highly visible public spaces. The statements for Decisions, Decisions are based on exaggerations and distortions of familiar rhetoric from community consultations, urban development, campaign slogans, and protest placards. The text is ambiguous or unsettled, often existing between true and false, designed to encourage a plurality of understandings, highlighting the diversity of our own interests and affinities in a public space. Drawing on this kind of language, the poster series also interjects other logics and potentials by encouraging participation based on either agreement, disagreement, or ambivalence. Decisions, Decisions aims to capture a sense of possibility and power in the language we use to describe ongoing, and yet subtle, political struggle

Curator : Art Souterrain


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