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The artwork

Paysage de la catastrophe


An environment free of any human remnants is in continuous generation. It is a reflection of a landscape that is no longer being witnessed, of which none is aware. A cataclysm has occurred. This place is Fukushima.

Desolate, the scenery is sombre: no humans, no animals, no plants. Only the ruins of a few buildings are discernable. For this new artwork, the artist has partnered with Jacques Urbanska and his Twitter vigil (@fukushima_actu) to create a digital media landscape of the 2011 catastrophe.

The landscape is automatically updated as information streams about Fukushima are analyzed and uploaded to the Internet. The colour textures are based on images that have been or still are posted on Twitter (@fukushima_actu).

This is a post-historic landscape; no more history is being written here. It is the mirror image of a world where Man has disappeared, leaving only archives as proof if his passage.

An automated camera explores this environment; we are confronted by its isolation. “Solitude” is an ancient word, taking us back to the 17th century with connotations of fallow fields, a no man’s land.

Presented by : Agence TOPO


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