Activity A Piece of Cake


Exhibition from February 16th to mars 24th 2019


Integrating painting, photography, sculpture, performance and video, feminist artist Céline B. La Terreur is interested in social phenomena indicative of the status of women.

With humour and irreverence, the artist appropriates codes of femininity inherited from Romanticism and contemporary popular cultural sources such as music and television. She highlights how, since at least the beginning of the 19th century, women have often appropriated dominant and oppressive codes in order to denounce them.


C’est du gâteau / A piece of cake


Céline B. La Terreur presents the installation A Piece of Cake. In it, she evokes a majestic marriage banquet with its magnificent cake — many tiers of white — accompanied by many smaller ones, submerged in thick creamy coats, elegant and delicious looking.

However, hidden beneath those thick coats of icing, arises a filthy heap of hair, bones and blood! These bloody confections, worthy of a horror film, reveal how the institution of marriage has too often camouflaged violence done to women.
The artist underlines the fact that many married women have suffered, and still suffer, daily trauma, living in latent terror, victims of violence sometimes leading to a terrible death.

Through satire and irreverence, A Piece of Cake calls into question the myth that portrays the institution of marriage as a symbol of happiness.

Curator : Joyce Yahouda

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