ART SOUTERRAIN, a non-profit organization founded in 2009, showcases each year international contemporary art institutions, artists, and the architectural and cultural heritage of downtown Montreal’s underground city. As a unique contemporary art festival in North America, Art Souterrain aims to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of it’s traditional exhibition spaces. In 2014, the festival aims to pursue its objective of always offering more to our artists, our platforms and our public.

To make the latest artistic practises in visual art more accessible to an inexperienced public :

Art Souterrain brings the artworks out of the artistic institutions, and integrates them to the citizen’s daily life.

Our desire, through this free event, is to create a different and original concept that knows how to distance itself from performing arts. Moreover, to facilitate the exchange, diverse tools of cultural mediation are proposed to you : mediators, audioguides, guided tours, creative workshops, iPhone application, etc…

Art Souterrain offers a platform capable of grouping the various actors of contemporary art’s milieu, as to emphasize them.

The purpose is to put some explanations on their specific roles within the reach of the public, as to familiarize it with this universe, and so to invite it to get more acquainted with the artists, the institutions, the distributors, the organisations and the specialized media.

Art Souterrain emphasizes and develops the architectural and cultural heritage of Montreal’s subterranean city.

The organisation wishes to activelly participate in its promotion and radiance in Quebec, as well as in the rest of the world. Eventually, we want to punctually integrate ourself into this environment, by revealing an annual calender of exhibitions taking place in it.