Multiples instances, multiples distances

Artist Morgane Clément-Gagnon is now on display for L’art s’affiche on the facades of the Ubisoft studio in the Mile-End

Art Souterrain

Art Souterrain is proud to present the eighth edition of L’art s’affiche, in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal.

Over a period of three months, Ubisoft will host a solo exhibition of the works of artist Morgane Clément-Gagnon in the Mile-End, on the exterior facade of her studio at the corner of Saint-Viateur and Saint-Dominique streets.

Morgane Clément-Gagnon

L'artiste Morgane Clément-Gagnon en exposition pour L'art s'affiche chez Ubisoft Montréal


Morgane Clément-Gagnon is a graduate student in the Master’s program in visual and media arts at UQAM. Since 2018, she has been developing a photographic practice that focuses on self-representation through colour. She actively participates in artist residencies on the local and international scene (Centre SAGAMIE, Praksis in Norway, and SIM in Iceland). Her work has been exhibited at Espace F, GHAM&DAFE, Arts Sutton and the Museum of Jewish Montreal. She will have solo exhibitions in 2024 at Atoll Art Actuel and at the Centre d’art de Mont‑Laurier.

Artist approach

Morgane Clément-Gagnon’s practice of self-representation sits at the intersection of photography and performance, with a particular interest in the possibilities offered by these two mediums. Using a kitsch approach to color as a doubt-inducing tool, the artist explores how our perceptions embodied in the image are a space for projection of the self. In this series, the digital pinhole camera, the infrared camera and Photoshop are strategies used to connect two distances through multiple instances of motifs. Just like the detail of a leaf becomes a nighttime aerial shot, a landscape becomes a (self)portrait. This gives way to a plurality of distances, questioning the viewpoint of the observer, thus highlighting the porous space between who we are and what we see.

The series:
Multiples instances, multiples distances

The works chosen for this exhibition come from photographic explorations of the territory through colour, carried out in Quebec and Norway between 2018 and 2020. These images are presented in the form of a retrospective, punctuated by a single self-portrait by the artist. The latter highlights the role of the gaze in our relationship with nature. It also marks an important realization by the artist about her own practice: to look at the world is to look at oneself.

The artist would like to thank Alper Güngör, PhD student in philosophy of art at McGill University, for his support in selecting the works and writing the exhibition text.