L’ART S’AFFICHE x Parc Olympique

Until May 10, 2023

A new exhibition of L’art s’affiche bringing together three artists – Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin, Allie Gattor and Alex McLeod – is set up at the Parc Olympique.

Parc Olympique
Espace pour la vie Montréal

L’art s’affiche is a public display project, with the objective of making contemporary art accessible while visually energizing the urban space. Emerging and established artists, from multiple practices, are selected and invited to exhibit their works in an unexpected environment.

Eight works by artist were erected out of a total of sixty-three fences surrounding the site located between the StarCité cinema and the Biodôme. It is also possible to find the works at the exit of station Viau on Avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin.

The exhibition creates a benevolent atmosphere and an embellishment of the neighborhood and its common areas.

The exhibited artists:

Allie Gattor


Allie Gattor is a self-taught artist based in Montreal. She recently stood out in the context of events dedicated to emerging artists, such as Artch and the initiative Créer des Ponts by Art Souterrain. Her works make up a two-dimensional universe where pen, pencil, ink and watercolour come to life on paper of different sizes, from very small to life-size.

Artistic Approach

Allie Gattor’s creative process begins with the observation of everyday life. Although her style is reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, her works are cathartic and astonishing owing to a combination of playful feminism and dark humor. Her works touch upon themes such as anxiety, depression, isolation and the absurdity of the human condition; all with a playful touch.

L'artiste Allie Gattor

Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin


Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin (1991) is an artist and photographer based in Montreal. She studied scriptwriting and communication at Université du Québec à Montréal, has a BFA in Photography from Concordia University, and an MFA in Art Photography from the College of Visual and Performing Arts of Syracuse University. In 2018, she was a finalist for the Scotiabank New Generation Photography Award, and was a finalist for the Ideastap Photographic Award with Magnum Photos in 2014. Recently, her work has been shown at La Castiglione (Montreal, 2020), at Aviary Gallery (Massachusetts, 2019), at Uqbar (Berlin, 2018) and at the China Millenium Monument (Beijing, 2018).

Artistic Approach

Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin’s artistic practice is concerned with the ways that storytelling shapes our notion of reality and helps us find meaning in our surroundings. Through photographic series, she investigates modern myths, popular stories or her own history, weaving distinct stories into complex narratives that invite novel interpretations of the real. Guided by how we subconsciously borrow narrative conventions from stories to build our own, her approach to image-making seeks to deconstruct this primal impulse and let new meanings emerge.

L'artiste Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin

Alex McLeod


Alex McLeod holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and a MDM from the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University, Toronto. He has exhibited internationally in festivals, museums, and embassies. His work is held in private and public collections including The Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto).

Artistic Approach

Alex McLeod is an artist who creates work about interconnection, life’s cycles, and empathy through the computer as medium. Prints, animations, and sculptures are produced as gateways into alternative dimensions, oscillating between the real and the imagined.

L'artiste Alex McLeod