From September 27th to November 30th, 2021

Allie Gattor’s Les douze travaux d’Heracles/Hercule presented for the first time on the façade of Ubisoft’s studio in the Mile End

Art Souterrain

Art Souterrain is proud to present the first edition of L’art s’affiche, in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal.
Over a period of three months, Ubisoft will host a solo exhibition of artworks by emerging artist Allie Gattor in Mile End, on the exterior façade of its studio at the corner of Saint-Viateur and Saint-Dominique. With the objective of democratizing art in the public space, this unique project is part of the Art in Business program, whose mandate is to integrate art into the workplace.

With the vision of continuing to support emerging artists in the contemporary art scene, Ubisoft has chosen artist Allie Gattor who depicts a surprising two-dimensional universe that combines playfulness and innocence with humor. Using mediums such as pen, pencil, ink and watercolors, the artist transposes onto paper the situations or emotions she experiences and observes.

L’art s’affiche has three main objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for emerging artists to be recognized and spotted by art lovers and professionals in the visual arts community;
  • To familiarize and encourage reflection on contemporary art through new encounters and discoveries in the visual arts and thus strengthen the employees’ sense of belonging through this different activity;
  • To offer visibility and accessibility to visual art in all its forms and to create an embellishment of the neighborhood for the citizens.

Art Souterrain is thrilled that Ubisoft is involved in supporting young emerging talent and we are pleased to announce that a regular program will be held every three months on their studio’s façade. This is an incredible opportunity for emerging artists to present a solo exhibition to the general public. It’s also a great opportunity for passersby, curious people and art lovers alike to discover new talent and fully immerse themselves in the artist’s world!

Allie Gattor

Allie Gattor is a self-taught visual artist based in Montreal.

Her work combines drawing techniques and a variety of mediums such as pen, pencil, ink and watercolours. She works with different formats, from tiny to lifesize. The artist draws her inspiration from her personal experiences, everyday life and observation. Boredom, anxiety, joy, absurdity, naivety, excess, and cats are recurring themes in her work.

Artistic process

Allie Gattor’s creative process begins with the observation of everyday life, litterature or dreams. The artist is captivated by the marginal and subtle aspects of certain situations, emotions and people. While her drawings are reminiscent of children’s book illustrations of another era, Allie Gattor’s work can be surprising, combining playfulness and innocence with dark humour.

Particularly drawn to the strangeness of the human condition, the artist transposes the situations or emotions she experiences and witnesses onto paper to create an imaginary world filled with a plethora of deadpan characters. Her work conveys feelings of anxiety, frustration and boredom, always with a playful touch.