Event Vitrine sur l’art 2018


Art Souterrain is pleased to announce that its summer Vitrine sur l’Art event is returning to downtown Montréal for its 3rd edition, from June 16 to September 16, 2018.

All throughout the summer, the storefront windows of vacant spaces will showcase major works of contemporary art. The event will cover over 1.5 km, within the quadrilateral between Bleury, Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Mackay and Sherbrooke Ouest. In addition to promoting Canadian art and making it known to a larger public, this initiative also serves to anchor the visual arts in the daily lives of citizens, through the creation of a free original artistic circuit in public spaces.

Storefronts dedicated to showing contemporary art become unconventional exhibition spaces, featuring major artwork from visual art galleries, private collections and original artist projects. In addition to showcasing Canadian art and making it more widely known to the public, this initiative also enables the enhancement of empty commercial spaces, and thereby participates in the revitalization of a Montréal neighbourhood.

Thanks to our committed partners

The Vitrine sur l’Art project receives support from the Conseil des arts de Montréal, Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Canada Council for the Arts.

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Past Activities

The Immoral Woman


Portrait de Sa Numinescence

Of all the Watery Bodies, I Only Know My Own (2013-2014)

Untitled – Eastern Desires series

Creatura dada


Fall a girl (FAG)

Skin Deep

Alone Time


The art of redifining gender

Before applying it to the arts, the gender question is first and foremost a social one. Unlike one’s sex, which is a physical reality linked to the reproductive system, gender is a socio-cultural construction. Receiving more news coverage than ever, in the context of the denoucements of ‘Me Too’ movements and assertions of LGBT+ communities (an abbreviation that can be extended to include multiple identities), the gender theme stimulates contemporary artists. They are nourished by reflections centred around the prescriptiveness of gender roles, explore the ways these standards are conveyed as ‘natural,’ and contribute to the deconstruction of prevalent hetero-normativity and the invention of new genders.

© Marie Perrault, excerpt from a text by Claire Denèle


Marie Perrault

Marie Perrault

Guest Curator

Marie Perrault has been acting for thirty years as an author, curator and consultant in contemporary art. She has written numerous essays and has designed several exhibitions. She has notably been the artistic director of the editions « Murmures du quotidien », « Mobilités » and « Passés au présent » of the International Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul from 2015 to 2017. In 2016, she presented Finnish video artist Lauri Astala in Oboro and ceramist Marie Côté at the Maison des Arts in Laval and the Regional Museum of Rimouski. From 1997 to 2014, she worked in the Ministry of Culture and Communications, as a Project Manager at the service of arts integration to architecture and as a Museum Consultant at the Montreal Branch. She also designed an exhibition celebrating the 15th anniversary of Molior, an organization dedicated to the diffusion of art involving technology. In the summer of 2018, she acted as guest curator for Art Souterrain for the summer showcase on art displayed in the windows of vacant commercial spaces in downtown Montreal. In 2019, she signed the exhibition entitled Replaying the Opulence of Yesterday presented Château Dufresne. From 1997 to 2014, she worked in the Ministry of Culture and Communications, as a Project Manager at the service of arts integration to architecture, where she oversaw the production of nearly 350 public art projects and the inventory of works, and as a Museum and Cultural Tourism Consultant at the Montreal Branch.

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