Steffie Belanger

Montreal, Canada


Steffie Bélanger lives and works in Montreal. Winner of the CRSH grant, her work has been presented at the Salle Alfred Pellan in Laval, at the Concordia University FOFA Gallery in Montreal and even at the VU Center and at l’Oeil de Poisson in Quebec City. Her practice is based on the hypothesis that the art object is fundamentally and fortunately useless. Thanks to manipulable sculptures and performances, the artist offers us an uproaring and romantic reading of the (in)functional object.

About the artwork

To be lulled.
To swivel.
To dance.

Soft and subtle movements that can always grow faster if our heart desires. Carried by her motion, the fabric moves through space. It twirls and dances gracefully, a lightness we would all envy. These pieces carry out a feeling of wistfulness and invite us to contemplate them, as we would a campfire. On the other hand, they also evoke playfulness with their colors and functions, which are not, however, direct incentives to lightness. I address what is fun in a way that leaves space for apprehension and surprise as a means of attraction. Moreover, playing can serve as a learning tool as the visitor isn’t confronted to the success or failure of grasping the pieces, but is rather in a nostalgic relationship with them.