Quentin Savignac

Montreal, Canada


Quentin Savignac is a designer and visual artist.

With a bachelor’s degree in urban planning and a master’s degree in urban design, Savignac works in landscape architecture and urban design. He applies his creative and sensitive approach to designing, coordinating, and constructing development projects in public spaces.

He explores the relationship between urbanities and wastelands, natural and manufactured forms, the constructed and deconstructed spaces. With a naive eye, his photography searches for similarities in form, materiality, and language. Highly contrasted, these film photographs present construction sites, agricultural buildings, mechanical and industrial structures. His sculptures allow him to study the relationship between vectors, reflection, shadow, materiality, and movement.

About the artwork

Wrapped (2020)

Wrapped is a projection of photographs captured on orthochromatic film since March 2020.

The artist notes that the pandemic has radically changed our relationship with the environment and the people around us. Initially a place of exchange and sharing, the public space has become a place to be approached with the utmost caution. Recent epidemic developments have reinforced the idea that homes are protected areas.

Wrapped addresses these concepts through photography, seeking to reflect on the evolution of private space and its new challenges. The photographs show buildings wrapped in canvas for renovation. These buildings are a visually interesting subject for the artist. They present great contrast, often taking on disproportionate, grandiose and absurd dimensions.

Savignac’s work observes and notes the similarities between the situation of these wrapped buildings and recent changes due to the coronavirus.


111 Boulevard Robert Bourassa
Entrance Edifice SAP Canada, Room 1350
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc