Pierre & Marie

Québec, Canada


The Pierre&Marie collective, composed of Pierre Brassard and Marie-Pierre Lebeau, lives and works in Quebec. In 2021, they will be signing their very first museum solo at Rimouski’s Regional Museum. Since their very beginnings in 2008, Pierre&Marie have accumulated over thirty individual and collective exhibitions. The creative couple presented their work at the Quebec’s National Museum of Fine arts, in different artist and cultural centers as well as in local galleries. This duo’s work plays on formal vocabulary (objects and scenes), drawing their inspiration from their daily routine and pop culture. Using a certain severity, the collective stages our contemporary world’s craziness through subtle acting and a beautifully done back and forth between collective and personal memory.

About the artwork

Taken from the Bref et Scintillant series, Odyssée takes place in an over glistening and fairy setting, with a just-as sparkling horse, perched on a promontory staircase. Partially because of all this shimmering scenery, the 25¢ mark that appears on the wooden horse’s side seems a bit incongruous and misplaced. With Odyssée, all that is wonderful and ferric has a price: 25¢. The work exhibits the springs of a subterfuge that aim to crush our dreams and candor. Odyssée reminds us how our consumer society can and will monetize everything, including our purest signs of joy.