Philippe Allard

Montréal, Canada


Philippe Allard lives and works in Montreal. Winner of the Montreal’s Place des Arts contest in 2009 and recipient of the AGAC Public Art prize in 2014, Philippe Allard has presented his work at Articule and the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, at the Confederation Center of Charlottetown, at Marrakech’s 5th Biennial and more recently, during artist-in-residence programs in France and Korea. Inspired by arte povera, Philippe Allard collects used materials and objects. His work questions industrial production processes that are accessible in large quantities to then deflect their initial functions and significance.

About the artwork

This imposing brushed aluminum structure, also known as La Cocotte, by Philippe Allard, brings back the typical folding pattern of origami art. Allard goes against its tradition of working the fragile paper into tiny intimate and meticulous shapes with finesse and dexterity. Instead, he opposes these delicate rules with the industrial-made aluminum’s harshness. In the same perspective, he opposes rules of smallness and intimacy to the monumental and the public (specific to public space atworks).