Michelle LaSalle

Montreal, Canada


Michelle LaSalle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM. She is currently completing an MFA in Printmaking at Concordia University.

Her practice is multidisciplinary, combining printmaking, performance and installation. She is interested in the process–the slow and repeated steps at the heart of printmaking. The time and care required in the printing process are becoming increasingly important in her work.

About the artwork

Une buée de tous les jours (2021)

Personal memories and experiences, both real and fictional, inspire LaSalle’s art. Working with images from photographic archives, both her own and those of strangers, the artist deconstructs, dissects, hides and conceals the images.

Une buée de tous les jours is anchored in repeated and exaggeratedly laborious gestures and borrows from the language of textile art. The artist assembles various presentation devices, such as tables, pedestals and hooks. Combining poetic writing with printmaking, she reflects on the links between the tangible (i.e. objects, surfaces, traces) and the invisible (i.e. human connections, time and memory). The work also reflects the link between printmaking processes and intimacy and empathy and is accompanied by a performance.


425 Avenue Viger Ouest
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc