Michel Pierre Lachance

Montreal, Canada


Michel Pierre Lachance lives and works in the Rosemont neighborhood, Montreal.

An architect by training, he taught interior design at Cégep Marie-Victorin in Montreal (1994-2018). He has been exhibiting professionally since 2003. He has participated in the Salon du printemps du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke (2007), had two solo exhibitions at Art Mûr Gallery (Montreal), and a solo exhibition at Lausberg Contemporary Gallery in Toronto (2010). His work has been part of the AGO Art Rental & Sales collection in Toronto. He participated in 2018-2019 in the Op-Art exhibition L’instabilité du réel at L’Artothèque de Montréal and has shown his work in several Maison de la culture. He recently participated in the exhibition Monochrome at the Site: Brooklyn Gallery (New York) and The Billboard Creative 2020 in Los Angeles, presenting Kerouac’s Spirits, a drawing from a new digital series. His latest paintings are currently on Artsy as part of the exhibition: Artbox.Project World 1.0.

Lachance’s hard-edge technique stems from Op Art and abstract expressionism. He draws inspiration from various locations and personal experiences.

About the artwork

LES OBLIQUES I and II (2021)

LES OBLIQUES I and II are the first paintings of a series based on angle and superposition. Lachance works with the themes of transparency, perception and abstraction. These large format paintings refer essentially to architectural space. The depth on the surface of the painting also evokes the experience of frames and rhythms found in architecture.

Lachance’s work is essentially abstract in its geometric compositions. However, it does have a narrative function that seeks to represent a condition or a story. Using masking tape, Lachance creates new paintings that he calls anti-paintings. Spatial experience and emotion are inherent in his artistic process.


1 Place Ville Marie
Entrance Cathcart Street, PVM Gallery – Room 11152
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc