Michel de Broin

Montreal, Canada


Michel Broin lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Recipient of the Sobey award in 2007, he’s presented his work at the Montreal Contemporary Art Museum, the Val-de-Marne Contemporary Art Museum (France), the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), the Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art (Winnipeg), The Tinguely Museum (Bâle), the Villa Arson art Center (Nice), the Eyebeam (New York) and the Hessel art Museum (New York). De Broin explores the possible relationships between technological, biological and physical systems. His work consists of deviating and/or corrupting these systems from their original functions (endless staircase, sculpture of a sculpture before unveiling, scribble lined bike path, etc.)


About the artwork

The Anomalies offer reworked copper piping. The artist depicts common objects to distort their expected functions. The piping’s curbs and sinuosities create tension in the various dynamics of circulation, resistance and dissipation. Disturbing the expectations of industrial systems and their promising efficiency, optimization, and innovation, the artist conceives a different image, one we are not used to rubbing shoulders with on a daily basis. The Anomalies open up gaps in the world, like the many cracks and spaces sourced from the causality that defines our relationship to technique. Sensitive bodies lie behind these conspicuously technical objects. While we expect them to work and generate, the unpredictable assembly escapes the world of useful things, searching for more sensitive experiences.