Marko Tonich

Montreal, Canada


Born in Montreal, Marko Tonich completed his first bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, and then another in Philosophy. He just obtained his master’s degree in Visual Arts from Laval University. That said, in terms of his technical skills developed through self-guided exploration, he is considered as largely self-educated. The main fields of interest that influence his practice are related to nature and the world of animals, such as birdwatching and fishing—which he has been doing since he was a child.

About the artwork

Through his work, Marko Tonich explores a double reading of human nature. This concept is considered both as a distinctive feature of humans and as a man-made “nature.” Marko creates pieces that look to represent our specific and common situation with regard to the objects in the world.

His economic approach presents itself as a commentary, a critic and an action on the art market, on the accessibility of artwork and on the fundamental need to surround oneself with it.

Photo credit : Michelle B. Gagnon