Mariane Stratis

Montreal, Canada


Mariane Stratis is an emerging interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal. She has a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from the UQAM (2015) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sculpture and Ceramics at Concordia University (2019). Her practice questions the various cults related to the event of death. She creates installations with a variety of mediums such as sculpture, photography, textiles and performance.

She is the founder of the doux soft club, a group of artists-curators combining the practices of Pénélope & Chloë, Mariane Stratis and Marion Paquette (2017). Within this club, she takes interest in issues related to collaboration and contamination, conducting research on gentleness and kindness.

For the past several years, Mariane has completed residencies in France as well as in Canada. Her work is displayed in group exhibitions in France (Nantes, 2016) and Canada — namely at the Verticale artists’ centre as a part of the Clan, destiné et clandestinité programming (Laval, 2019), Puces 133 (St-Armand, 2019), the POUR L’ART event at Gallery B-312 (Montreal, 2019), rien d’ordinaire, the GHAM & DAFE (Montreal, 2018) and the Fresh Paint / New Construction exhibition at the Art Mûr Gallery (Montreal, 2015).

About the artwork

Swaying between fictional and farcical, Mariane’s work explores the cultural experience that surrounds the event of death. Whether it’s through sculpture, installations, textuality, photography or performance, space becomes a pretext for generating bizarre situations designed to trigger the viewer’s presence.

Obsolescence, nostalgia, legacy, the process of acceptance, projection, anticipation, relationships and the unease related to experiencing loss drive her imagination and her research. In an interplay of playfulness and poetry, she wants to create physical and psychological experiences stemming from the evanescence of things.

Photo credit : Chloë Baril Chassé