Karine Payette

Montreal, Canada


Karine Payette was born in 1983 in Montreal, Quebec, where she now still lives and works. Now graduated from the Université du Québec à Montréal, she has a master’s degree in visual and media arts. Karine Payette’s installations, sculptures and photography constitute playback images and hanging narratives. The use of a home figure is pivotal in the artist’s practice, as she graphically addresses the constant adaptation of comfort in a perpetually changing world. Her recent research tackles the connection between the human being and its habitat, nature, generally speaking, examining relationships humans maintain with other species. Since 2010, she’s taken part in many solo and collective exhibitions in Canada, France and in Germany. Since 2015, she’s carried out six projects, integrating art to architecture for schools and parks across Quebec. Karine Payette is represented by the Art Mûr Gallery in Montreal.

About the artwork

By closely observing the zoological devices, surveying deserted spaces at the Biodôme during its recent renovations and reading publications
on conservatory animal conditioning, she added on to her new research, questioning our relationship to life and our growing appetite for its exposure. Playing on the fantasy of an unprecedented and privileged meeting with the “other animal”, she implements the skillful art of frustration. Karine Payette has put together an experience where the becoming of the hyperrealistic sculpture, the artistic and technical exhibition systems, as well as the current issues regarding life conservation and the scientific performance all intertwine. All of it takes place at the heart of the 6th extinction, the most drastic one our world has seen to this day. Bénédicte Ramadet’s text.