Jongwook Park


Born in South Korea, Jongwook Park immigrated to Canada.

His BFA and MFA studies combine fine art, design, animation and illustration. His works have been exhibited and published in South Korea, Japan and Canada.

Park’s work intertwines traditional art practices and newer techniques, from Korean folk paintings to contemporary graphic novels. His unique treatment of the line is key to his works. He considers drawing as a meditative way to process his recollections. The repetitive nature of doodling allows the artist to pursue sheer visual poetry and releasing his hidden imagination onto paper.

About the artwork

Breathing Words (2020-2021)

Breathing Words is a series of drawings that Park began rendering during the pandemic lockdown. The artist was supposed to visit his home country (South Korea) but had to cancel the trip due to the global situation.

By using the Korean alphabet, Park disguises his vulnerability. Yet, the artworks depict Park’s intimate feeling of loneliness caused by the linguistic barrier of living in a foreign land. The drawings intertwine the artist’s romanticized vision of the Korean language and the longings of his home.


111 Boulevard Robert Bourassa
Entrance Edifice SAP Canada, Room 1350
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc