Janna Yotte

Montreal, Canada


Photographer and graphic designer by trade, Janna began making collages in 2017. Using clippings from all sorts of publications, she has created over one hundred collages that rapidly had people talking because of their immaculate aesthetics and intriguing contrasts. Her individual collages have been displayed in Montreal, New York, Maastrich and Toronto.

Jana also caters to personalized requests from individuals or businesses. In fact, she is a collaborator of ELLE Australia and her clients include ELLE UK, ELLE Hungary, ELLE Korea, ELLE Japan, ELLE Norway, C2 Montréal and the artist Stikki Peaches.

About the artwork

Collage is Janna Yotte’s forte. Botany publications, medical handbooks and fashion magazines all fall under her knife. She selects specimens, parts, organs, various living beings, in whole or in part, and reassembles the pieces creating unlikely yet natural combinations whose beauty is not altered by strangeness. Disproportion and lack of realism are dampened through careful clipping and thematic, chromatic and geometric coherence. The new bodies express several contrasts; they appear fragile, yet their presence is imposing. They are delicate and refined, yet shameless, if not disturbing. Their composition raises questions, but you quickly accept and admire them, feeling privileged to witness them come into being. There antagonistic forces bring a disarming yet reassuring familiarity to the work, as does (human) nature.

Photo credit : Alex Tran

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