Florence Pin

Montreal, Canada


Florence Pin (elle/she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal.

She completed her BFA in Photography at Concordia University in 2021. Her work combines installation, photography, performance and sculpture.

Memory and nostalgia are at the heart of her research. These subjects manifested in different ways in her work, from the fragility of childhood memories to trauma. Thus, the artist is interested in the construction and deconstruction of identity. She explores the relationships between the body, the object and their surrounding space. Through still life and self-portraiture photographs, Pin creates ephemeral assemblages aiming to rebuild personal memory.

About the artwork

This collaborative project between Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky and Florence Pin consists of an installation bringing together different mediums, including photography, sculpture, ceramics and sound. The artistic practices of Caron-Pawlowsky and Pin are linked in many ways; memory, healing and vulnerability are themes present in their respective projects. The work revolves around the relationship that the two artists have with the Earth, observing the coexistence of living and non-living organisms, the different cycles of change and growth in nature, and cycles of life and death. For this project, they focus on sustainable development of their practice and study the materiality of what is found in their environment, working with recycled resources.


1730 Rue Saint-Patrick
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc