Florence Gagnon


Florence Gagnon graduated from UQAM in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts. Her multidisciplinary practice includes printmaking, sculpture and installation.

The plasticity of the material plays a determining role in Gagnon’s work, while attention to gesture is crucial for her. The interaction between her body and the material determines the direction of her work.

About the artwork

Perhaps I could be full and empty at the same time

Perhaps I could be full and empty at the same time explores the relationship between the body and the notion of personality disorder, more specifically borderline personality disorder. Here, the artist focuses on two organs: the heart and the stomach, two organs that need to be “fed.” Gagnon sees them as the emotional epicentres of the human body, meaning that they are particularly affected when we feel different emotions.

In Gagnon’s work, the heart, bruised, is represented as armour, both in form and materiality. The stomach, on the other hand, has an imperfect form. The artist has deliberately left the visible traces and texture of the cracks. One of the particularities of the “borderline” disorder is to feel the emotions in a tenfold way. Through these sculptures of the heart and stomach, the artist wishes to share the intensity of the emotional feeling accompanying this personality disorder.


1500 Avenue Atwater
Room F28
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc