Diane Gougeon

Montréal, Canada


For thirty years, the work of Diane Gougeon as been presented in many solo exhibitions, more recently at the Plein Sud Exhibit center (Longueuil, 2013), at Artspace (Peterborough, 2012) et at the visual arts gallery of the University of Laval in 2011. She has also expose at the Canadian Cultural Center (Paris) and at the Contemporary art center Passages (Troyes) and has participated in many collective exhibitions. She regularly invests public space and has realised many integration projects in art and architecture in Quebec.

About the artwork

By allying synthetic materials and common technologies to natural elements, Diane Gougeon reproduces artificial changes of state associated to phenomenons like the transformation of water in ice, the percolation of the air through a membrane and the iridescence of the light at the origin of the rainbows. She also addresses connections between the technological universe we created the nature we stem from, notably the meditation of real and the impact of our way of life on the environment.

Curator : Art Souterrain


Désenchantement/À quatre voix


Arsenal contemporary art

Artist's artworks and activities

Désenchantement/À quatre voix