Delphine Kim Thériault de Carufel

Montreal, Canada


Originally from Montreal, Delphine Thériault holds a Bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (2013), where she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in visual and media arts.

Her work was recently presented in a solo exhibition at Local 514, Belgo (Montreal). Thériault has also participated in various group shows, notably at the Musée des Beaux-Arts du Mont-Saint-Hilaire, at the Popop Gallery of Belgo, at the Patrick Mikhail Gallery, as well as the exhibition Épreuves d’état in Montreal. Her work has been presented at the Pavillon de Sciencias médicas in Cuba and at the Art Hellix Gallery in New York. She is currently working on a solo exhibition in the context of a grant from the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (2020).

About the artwork

Beauté florale (tordue) (2021)

Beauté florale (tordue) is a series of realistic sculptures executed in silicone moulding. The work questions sexual identity, the marginal and the imperfect.

Through sculpture, Thériault questions the impact of new technologies on our psyche. The artist creates human casts capturing the entire body or fragments of it. Playing on gender ambiguity, the artist then adds colours and accessories, giving a sense of identity to these characters. These humanoids, inert or animated by robotic mechanisms, raise various issues in a world where technologies are omnipresent.


1500 Avenue Atwater
Room S14A
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc