Colas Eko

Montreal, Canada


Colas Eko has a BFA in studio art from Concordia University, a Visuals Arts Certificate from UQAM and a DEC in Arts and Design from Lasalle College. He participated in SOIR Festival with Art.Art, exposed in Art Matters Festival and had a duo exhibition in Art Crush with Fou Hasard. He was featured in Ton Barbier and The Concordian.

Born in Canada to a Franco-Québécoise mother and a Beti-Cameroonian father, he is deemed “too white to be black, too black to be white” and challenges the sense of belonging.

About the artwork

Often people ask me, “What are you? Where are you from?” to which I never seem to have an answer. Who am I? I am an identity crisis, an ethnic ambiguity. I use these ambiguous questions of identity to conceptualize my work. I am a multidisciplinary artist, producing art intervention and installations. By intersecting iconographic symbols, I transform and reclaim the social setting narrative creating a diversified dialogue. My work reflects the hybridization of society and questions the challenges of identity emanating from the colonial legacy.

Photo credit : Kevin J Mo