Cinzia Campolese


Cinzia Campolese is an artist who lives and works in Montreal (Canada). Her artworks were exhibited at cultural institutes, galleries, and cultural events such as Stereolux, Biennale Chroniques and Biennale Nova XX, Mutek Montreal and Biela Noc.

Her work includes installations and real-time based works that question the concepts of perception and awareness of a space. She works on different scales, and questions the ubiquity of certain visual elements that are part of our cultural genetics. The compositions are often represented by sculptures, created with different surfaces and materials that make visible and increase the digital intangibility. Driven by the desire to present “infinite” works that do not follow a narrative approach and offer space for interpretation, the artist establishes a discourse based on common and shared clues, and leads to self-questioning.

About the artwork

Re-loading the Real, aims to challenge our relationship to time and reality. This work gravitates around the use of symbols of “loading states” that can be found on the web. She uses the most common of these symbols : animated, following a clockwise direction pursuing an infinite movement. These symbols represent a fragment of suspension, in which everything in pause is blurred and unclear before the connection returns.

As with the reel symbol, we have here no indication of the time we have to wait before seeing the content we asked for. Indeed, Cinzia Campolese wants to challenge the viewer and question where and when we are in these suspended moments. While we are waiting, can we imagine a new reality that is not there yet?