Brett Barmby

Montreal, Canada


Brett Barmby is an artist originally from Calgary. He currently lives and works in Montreal.

Barmby has a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and an MFA from Concordia University. His work combines painting, 3D printing, and bronze casting.

Barmby’s work focuses on instances of accidental art-making found throughout the urban landscape. Although executed without any particular consideration for their aesthetic appeal, these incidental gestures made by citizens tend to evoke specific strategies within the history of painting and sculpture. The artist catalogues these carefully crafted incidents. He describes his paintings as collaborations with strangers where most of the compositional decisions have already been defined.

About the artwork


Dibs is a series of paintings documenting myriads of ways in which people have attempted to reserve a parking spot during Quebec’s notorious Moving Day on July 1st. The artist recontextualizes these assemblages of chairs, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, and other household materials in a vacuous, indeterminate space reminiscent of a gallery.


Salle d’exposition Georges-Émile Lapalme
Entrance rue Sainte-Catherine
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc