Annie Descôteaux

Montreal, Canada


Annie Descôteaux lives and works in Montreal. Her work has been exposed in Quebec, the UK, Paris, Brussels and Brooklyn. Amongst her work, you’ll find solo exhibitions (Galerie 3, Galerie B-312, L’Oeil de Poisson, Axenéo7) as well as collective exhibitions and cultural manifests (Antoine Ertaskiran Gallery, Lethbridge Exposition Center, Attenborough Arts Center, Baie-Saint-Paul’s 33rd Symposium for International Contemporary Art, Parisian Laundry). Annie Descôteaux’s revolves around collage, assembly and installation. According to the artist, daily objects can describe, through more or less intelligible charades and puzzles, complex situations or state of minds.

About the artwork

Resting on the ground, the painted wooden structure, Table Top I, is composed of various shapes, some recognizable, some not so much. Mixing collage and sculpture, this furniture, made of robotically cut but hand painted pieces could bear witness to the remains of a rushed morning and the chaotic joy that results from it. The whole structure reminds us of a puzzle. Inspired by the poem “Objects Lie On A Table” (1922) by Gertrude Stein, as well as by visual codes borrowed from comic books, the assembled pieces bring us to guess the poem, to visualize its impenetrability and to actually feel what is set in front of us. Table Top I is a brilliant remediation exercise, that is to say the way an artist transposes an artwork, originally created in a different artform (here, we see a play on poetry), into its own language and specific codes.