Anne-Sophie Gaudet

Montreal, Canada


Anne-Sophie Gaudet is passionate about performing arts, visual arts and music. In May 2017, she finished her studies in scenography at the National Theater School of Canada. Over the past five years, she has collaborated with Sophie Cadieux, Marie-Ève ​​Milot, Odile Gamache, Olivia Palacci, Philippe Robert, Alain Zouvi and Marc St-Martin as a designer for sets, costumes and props for theater and opera shows. In the fall of 2020, she was nominated for a METAS in the Outstanding Costume Design category for her work on the production, Please Thrill Me, presented by BOP at La Chapelle in February of the same year. The young artist is also interested in theatrical creation and the construction of immersive experiences for the viewer. In August 2019, she presented her first creation, Le temple de Trish, as part of the SOIR festival in Montreal. She is currently working on the solo pop music project of LEO (Éléonore Lagacé) as co-producer, artistic director and director of the visual design for the entire project.

With her approach, the artist draws inspiration from North American, European and Asian pop culture. The artist considers that democratization of different art forms requires accessibility to the greatest number.

About the artwork

Different world (2021)

TRISH and LEO are two fictional characters who want to shatter the idea that the world is known to us completely. They are certified dreamers who categorically refuse the banality of things. They dream of a colorful and emancipated world where our gaze on oneself and otherness is nothing but openness, admiration and sharing.

Their project is to make an album of music following the pop trend, with arrangements and beats to original LEO compositions. Questioning the relationship to dreams (when we sleep) and the idealization of the future (dreams strictly speaking), they explore the possibility of transforming the perception of our environment and the possibility of being there whoever we want. To do so, they inspire each other by composing songs, inventing worlds and stories to intoxicating sounds. Exploring the themes of space, parallel worlds, dreams, love and self-confidence, LEO has composed a musical roller coaster album, drawing inspiration from both Brahms, Justin Timberlake, the Beatles and Lady Gaga. TRISH and LEO offer a collaborative activity where the audience is invited to reflect on their own openness and freedom of mind while being entertained, touched and driven by original songs. This project brings together on stage the costumes of LEO, a scenographic concept, dancers and musicians. Each opus is part of a global dramaturgy.


111 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa
Entrance Edifice SAP Canada, Room 1350
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc