Alexis Gros-Louis

Montreal, Canada


Alexis Gros-Louis is a multidisciplinary Wendat artist from Wendake (Quebec, Canada). He currently lives and works in Tiohtià:ke — Mooniyang; Montreal (Canada).

Alexis received his Master of Fine Arts from NSCAD University (2020). He previously obtained a BFA in which he majored in photography, from Concordia University (2017) and a DEC in Arts & Design from LaSalle College (2014).

While photography is at the core of Gros-Louis’ practice, the artist juxtaposes the photographic processes with different media. Paratextual, these combinations serve as pathways to explore the materiality of images; the intertwined narratives and dialogues placed between objects, space and the viewer. Alexis Gros-Louis’ work primarily focuses on themes such as identity, indigeneity, normative and dominant cultures, categorization systems, obsolescence, alongside fundamental questions about art, art-making and its present and historical context.

About the artwork


24/7 tackles the conditions of neoliberal and semiocapitalistic economies. Gros-Louis questions how, as an artist and a member of the creative class, his work intrinsically participates in the socio-economic context from which it emerges. As occupying alternative gallery spaces such as empty storefronts might participate in gentrification processes underway, the artist reflects on family-owned business closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ever-increasing cost of material and real-estate occupancy, and ‘standing reserve.’

Within this precarious context, the artist experiments with the aesthetic of productivity, resulting in an ever-changing installation, an assemblage of objects responsive and relative to one another.


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
2134 rue Crescent
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc