Activity Of all the Watery Bodies, I Only Know My Own (2013-2014)


Artistic approach

This photo is a documentary portrait taken to mark the ending of a one-year performance action executed by the artists between 2013-2014. Concretely, the project consisted of getting bloodlines (inkless tattoos) drawn on her legs on every one of the thirteen full moon that occur over a twelve-month period. The height of the lines measured the volume of blood in her body; marking the top of the fluid, were it to pool inside her body. The ephemeral marks accumulated over time, eventually scarring where they overlapped most often.

This work creates a poetic intersection between the fertile but barren female body and the ocean. These bodies are linked by their linguistic similarity (la mère/ la mer), as well as by their shared relationship to the moon, a celestial body that both factually and mythically sets their respective cyclic rhythms (tides and menstruation). As such, this work addresses constructed and embodied notions of fertility, feminine ritual, and transcendence. It is also a reflexion on the un-reproduced female body as dying.

The artwork

Of all the Watery Bodies, I Only Know My Own (2013-2014)

Print, 2016


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