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The artwork

Image 6

Sculpture ceramic and sandstone, 2018

This geometric-looking set suggests the idea of strata. To the right, regular horizontal layers accumulate to form a dark pyramid, reminiscent of architecture and history. To the left, the piled fragments are less ordered, but the black element conjures a regularity in its suggestion of a ladder. Granular and smooth, the textures combine to animate the surfaces.

Curator : Pascale Beaudet
Photo credit : Mike Patten

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Art Souterrain invests the windows of two shops in 2061 Stanley Street in order to exhibit contemporary artists. Located in the Montreal neighbourhood “Golden Square Mile”, both spaces offer bright windows giving on the busy yet accessible street. If you are a tenant and are looking for a space in the middle of downtown, have a look at the document linked here for details on the spaces or contact 514.729.8484.


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