Nathalie Bachand

Curatorial statement

Time implies a perceptual connection that is extremely variable and volatile. From the emergencies that accelerate the rhythm of our daily lives, to the pauses that force us to slow down as the pandemic confinment has been able to do, there is a whole spectrum of temporalities that govern our lives. 

By transforming objects of the world through life cycles (Katherine Melançon) or altering things sometimes through repetition (Pascale Leblanc-Lavigne), time’s action is key aspect of our relationship with it. It allows us to both measure and “see” time, which otherwise remains intangible and elusive. Just like the rotational slowing down of an object, at the limit of stop, or the variability of revolution of the stars (Amélie Laurence Fortin), which also evokes a form of temporal elasticity and relativity. Time is also what makes it possible to step back, to perceive things differently, to rethink one’s posture, to revise history with a capital H (Caroline Monnet). The history of peoples but also the history of knowledge, technological developments and the notion of progress (Tanya St-Pierre & Philippe-Aubert Gauthier).

In the absolute, the concept of temporality can only be speculative and indefinite. As the embodiment of impermanence and movement, it is immediately inscribed at the very heart of existence – is it not the sine qua non condition?

Nathalie Bachand

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