Mémoire de l'avenir - July to September 2022

Mémoire de l’Avenir. An urban display exhibition featuring the work of established and emerging artists.

This project was born from a desire to create connections between different generations of Quebec artists.

Mémoire de l'avenir 2022 - Locations

The exhibition, curated by Caroline Douville, is composed of 3 pairs, each one regrouping an established artist and an emerging artist. These intergenerational encounters lead us to immerse ourselves in Quebec art and to reflect on the progression of certain themes in the artistic imagination.

From July to September, walk through the streets of Montreal to see these reproductions of works on the Publicité Sauvage’s fences, then scan the QR codes to live a complete experience by listening to the podcasts created for this project. This way, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the curatorial process behind the selection of the works.

Art direction, graphic design and realization: Taís da Costa

Our partners

Art Urbain Montréal
Publicité Sauvage
Technopôle Angus
Petite Italie
Promenade Masson Le cœur de Rosemont