Dulce Pinzón

Curatorial statement

TIME is a seed of the present and a capsule for the future.

Time is a poem and a meteorite, a line crossing the sky, the wings of a bird beating at a perfect rhythm, a machine that does not rust.

Time is the passage between night and day, day and night; the bowels of the earth. 

Time is a stray dog, in total oblivion and abstraction of a happy chapter, a soundtrack; the mountain that reflects on a scale the fleetingness of our human presence and our restlessness from one side to the other in what we have built to inhabit: the cities, as well as destroyed and uninhabited: the earth.

The state of time gives us new narratives that do not even reach us in this “hyper-connected” world.

The experience of art, its interpretative, subtle and silent power is capable of touching, mobilising and raising awareness. It invites us to lose fear of the other and to be able to reconcile ourselves with history, which is the almanac of time, as well as the stick that contains the gift of life and gives legitimacy to our existence. Time is the only true form of measurement and proof of the existence of matter.

Without time we do not exist.

Managed during the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, this 13th edition of the 2021 Art Souterrain Festival tries to give empathy and humanity back to the world through the stories we tell in the artistic projects developed together: stories that, once told, acquire a real meaning.

Dulce Pinzón

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