Ryan Brown



Ryan Brown lives and works in New York (USA) and Lima (Peru). He has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions, recently in Peru, London, New York, Mexico City, Munich and Oslo. Working in whatever medium best suits his message, Ryan Brown has produced performances, paintings, sculptures, photographic series, and installations that both honor and interrogate modern and contemporary art and artists, as well as the historical narratives, manifestos, and market systems upon which they rely. He uses satire and mimicry to send up what he perceives as the preciousness, arrogance, and politics underlying the presentation and consideration of art.

About the artwork


Let the Sleeping Dogs Lay consists of 25 black canvas dogs arranged randomly within the agreed upon space. The artist is interested primarily in the symbolic nature of the street dog; in this case, its presence as a sleeping signifier, capable of carrying a wide range of collective associations. Ryan Brown enjoys exploring and exposing the boundaries of an event space, experimenting with spontaneous and unpredictable arrangements. This project has an implicit subject matter that has the potential of absorbing and channeling the voice of its interlocutor.