Mónica Muñoz



Mónica Muñoz Cid lives and works in Puebla (Mexico). In 2001, she graduated as a Chemical Engineer from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, and studied a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts at Universidad del Arte de Puebla in 2008. She specializes in etchings. In her graphic productions, she seeks to elevate the stamp as an alternative media, sacrificing the purity of the paper print, so she can privilege the multiplicity and reproductionality of the stamp with installations or actions that accomplish their goal of being the ways, not the means.

About the artwork


Survivors consists of monotypes on fabrics of variable dimensions that depend on the height and the surface, and on the position of subway walkers, that print their hand on a canvas, and take a photograph of their silhouette. Freezing one’s presence in time is an idea that science fiction has tackled countless times.  As if they were part of a novel, the viewers expect a magical elixir that frees them from this present time, and takes them to a timelessness that can be yesterday as much as, today or tomorrow. Traveling through a place daily is similar: if we eliminate the time factor from the equation, a kind of immobility is created, in a space that inevitably traps, to which we return again and again to the same situation with no way out.