Marie-Chloé Duval

Montreal, Canada


Marie-Chloé Duval is a self-taught artist based in Montreal.

Her practice combines photography and painting. After studying criminology, Duval reoriented her career towards the visual arts. She exhibited at the Berger Cultural Center and the McCord Museum during the Printemps Numérique in 2017.

Her artistic approach gathers opposing elements, such as the abstract and the figurative, movement and rigidity.

About the artwork


In S’écrire, the artist presents the images and mental imprints that inhabit her psyche and guide her life.

Her work investigates the relations between the self and the others. Duval returns to her memories to understand solitude and becoming together. Thus, she questions life in society: How can a crowd be so empty? S’écrire testifies to the relational movement and the porosity of the frames through a spontaneous gesture by freezing reality.

Poems written by the artist accompany the work.


30 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Room 1
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc