Mai Bach-Ngoc Nguyen



Mai Bach-Ngoc Nguyen lives and works in Quebec City (Canada). She is a multi(in)disciplinary Vietnamese artist and non-graduated from Laval University’s (Québec City) bachelor program in Visual Arts. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Cuba and virtually in the United States – Covid-19 oblige. Through installation, performance and documentation, her projects revolve around the accumulated poetic gestures and moving objects that connect and test the limits of her own body. Her performances and installations revolve around a reflection on the themes of disappearance, passage, overflow and absence. In her gestures and non-gestures, she tries to claim her own creative tangibility and to question the nature of artistic presence in public places.

About the artwork


With her performance cứu mơ ; cue maux, the artist becomes the  savior/heroine of the realm of dreams. This world is threatened by an insidious colonization. The oppressive frameworks reality – anxiety-provoking experiences, the pressures of capitalism and productivity – intrude on one of the last territories that still holds a great potential of emancipation. We must save the dream and restore its power. A challenge of obvious size that will require an investigation filled with thorns, protocol gestures and linguistic reforms.