Juan Fontanive



Juan C. Fontanive lives and works in New York (USA). His work has been shown in multiple places in the world. He won the 2018 Brooke and Hap Stein Emerging Artist Prize, MOCA Jacksonville, and the Desmond Preston Drawing Prize of the Royal College of Art, and has also been awarded the residency at the Marble House Project. Combining animation and machines, the artist produces works that completely rethink the traditional practice of sculpture.

About the artwork


PROPOSALO -R NITHOLOGY consists of three flipbook machines that depict animations of flying hummingbirds. Each work has a different bird and flight pattern. The trees, water or plants complete the natural habitat of birds. The birds are moving but are also seemingly caught in time. The sound of the pages flipping can be related to wings flapping, a clock ticking, and the passing of time. The passers-by moving through the space themselves and making noise can be seen in a way similar to the birds.