Hearyung Kim


Hea R. Kim is a South Korean-born Canadian immigrant and a multidisciplinary artist who loves the eclectic combination of materials and ideas. She has exhibited her work both in Canada (Montreal, Toronto) and her home country Republic of Korea. She creates playful, thoughtful, and technically sophisticated installations and mixed media sculpture. She intentionally challenges established boundaries within the art world, such as low versus high art, illustration versus fine art, and traditional versus contemporary art. She is drawn to meshing the fantastical with the mundane, the heroic with the cute, and the bubbliness of popular culture with deeper social concerns.

About the artwork

Artificial nostalgia (2019)

Composed of a series of pink-tone ceramic sculptures, Artificial nostalgia projects a longing for a period of innocence when days were filled with infinite possibility and mystery. Borrowing the form of the traditional vase, the artist constructs a whimsical sculpture that blends memories of her home country with illusions. Neon pink powder is scattered around the ceramic pieces as if the sculptures were appearing on the surface of a pink pond. While their exteriors are highly ornate, the vases’ interiors remain hollow. In the eyes of the artist, each vase reflects a desire for individuation. Exuding an aesthetic that is both cute and quirky, this collection of ceramic vases alludes to the melancholic dreamscape of childhood.


Photo : Camille Dubuc