François Couture



François Couture lives and works in Montreal (Canada). Trained in Visual Arts at Concordia University (Montreal), his practice includes sculpture, electronic arts, performance, as well as painting. Going against a precise narrative, he tries to create what he cannot express in words. His work explores the obligation of the functional in our society, while addressing themes of social inequality and the loss of the sacred in Western cultures.

About the artwork


The Source/Ingres to Deleuze is a fountain that presents itself as an enigma on the ontology of events. In other words, it questions the way we conceive the things that happen around us. When do events begin and when do they end?

The machine starts, the sand pours out, the vase empties and the machine continues tirelessly its cycle. However, the before, during and after-states exist simultaneously virtually speaking. We don’t need to see the sand pouring out to know what’s going to happen, and we don’t need to have seen it on the ground to understand what has happened. The event is unique and yet infinitely repeated. We can even go further: in a self-referential way, the work doubts itself – when does the work begin? When does it end? What is left of it after the action is over?