Francis O’Shaughnessy



Francis O’Shaughnessy lives and works in Montreal (Canada). He holds a doctorate in Artistic Studies and Practices from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Since 2002, he has produced more than 130 performances in 25 countries. He has presented various conferences, guided artists at the college and university levels and led theoretical-practical workshops on art. Since 2007, he has curated 20 major events. His research questions the performative haiku, an artistic approach that advocates a strong return to love as an extension of the self.

À propos de l'oeuvre


Composed of three narrative segments, L’amour que nous avons pour le temps (The Love we Have for Time) is a performative work that resonates with the current pandemic context. All the segments are connected by a slow wandering of several participants, like a performative refrain. The first segment mixes the positive and the negative with opera music as a soundtrack. The second evokes surprise with unexpected elements. Finally, the last segment appeals to the artist’s imagination.  L’amour que nous avons pour le temps is a group performance in which Francis O’Shaughnessy performs alongside Janna Elizbarova, Fabio Lima, Océane Girard, Gabriel Labonté-Pelletier, Aïda Yonis Eugene, Maxime Côté, Zachary Santagata.

All three segments explore “being”, as well as uncertainty, hesitation and drifting. Moreover, by presenting a haiku on a card, Francis O’Shaughnessy operates a shift from literature to performative art. Forged as a performative haiku, the work opts for a living visual poetry.