Fanny Gicquel



Fanny Gicquel lives and works in Rennes (France). She graduated from EESAB (École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne) in Rennes in 2018, and recently presented her first solo exhibition at the Gateway Center for Contemporary Art in Brest (France). She has since presented her work in several group exhibitions in France, as well as in Berlin, Brussels and Beijing. The artist builds environments in which she experiments with the presence of the living, particularly the body, in time and in the space of the exhibition. Her sculptural projects carry within them a scenario of activation while retaining their plastic autonomy.

About the artwork


Produced on the Crozon peninsula, the video L’immensité avec vous (The Vastness with You) links a geographical context with a literary work. A few verses of Fernando Pessoa’s poem Ode maritime are translated into semaphore; an obsolete visual and gestural language, mainly used by sailors in the past. Composed of a series of fixed shots intended as paintings in the landscape, the video itself becomes a visual poem. The sound, made from human breathing, is reminiscent of the waves and the wind and aims to confuse human and natural aspects. Almost in the manner of living paintings, the work invites us to slow down and contemplate. These performances in slowness and immobility create a poetic atmosphere.