Dexter Barker-Glenn

Montreal and Toronto, Canada


Dexter Barker-Glenn is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal and Toronto. He is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts with a minor in Computer Science at Concordia University. Working in a wide range of mediums, Dexter has shown video work at the Tiff LightBox, oil paintings at the Albright Knox Art Gallery and sculptural work at Gallery LUZ. His work addresses the body as the machine within a system, as the vantage point of the viewer and as the malleable site for creation.

About the artwork

Chrysalis (2021)

Chrysalis envisions the body’s borders as permeable and fluctuating, navigating a form of sickly tenderness. The work developed from an interest in rotting food and bodily waste, and the potential for this discarded organic material to produce new life. The piece incorporates fruit which ages over the duration of the installation. As the fruit’s original structures begin to decompose, novel structures emerge.