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The 22marbles collective was recently formed by two artist-composers, Véro Marengère and Martin Marier, who live and work in Montreal (Canada). It  is a performance and composition project. The two artists play the same digital musical instrument: the sponge. Through the direct relationship that the instrument offers between gesture and sound, the music resonates with the sense of touch. The artists  rejoin experimental music by seeking to create a sound that is synthetic as much as haptic (linked to the sense of touch). 

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About the artwork


Nisennen is a performance that begins discreetly and gradually becomes marked by tension. As  it unfolds, it becomes more and more dense, until the harmonies crumble to reveal a pulsation. Thus, time becomes a shared space between the sound artists and the instrument: the sponge. The latter is connected to sensors that detect the orientations, deformations and impacts of the artists’ playing. The information from the sensors is then sent wirelessly to a sound synthesis software that translates the movements into sounds. The mission of this instrument is to access the sounds and possibilities of digital technologies, while maintaining an intuitive, playful and direct link with touch and movement.