Colectivo Oso



Colectivo Oso (2006) are Elizabeth Flores and Luis Calvo. Their work has been presented on Mexican forums in different cities, such as Mexico City, Tijuana, Oaxaca, Mérida, Estado de México, Veracruz and Puebla. Internationally, their projects have been presented in the United States, in Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Hungary. The members of Colectivo Oso have received local and national awards, as well as scholarships. The work of these two visual artists is shared between artistic production and the management of cultural projects. They focus on specific projects of contemporary art across different media.

About the artwork


Writing With Fire is a video installation that draws on the ephemeral nature of pyrotechnics, used in red color, to speculate conceptually on the formal foundations of video language, displacing temporal relationships between moving image, sound, and space. Lancework fireworks are a fundamental element for this project. It has two dimensions: getting closer to a community economically dedicated to pyrotechnics, San Cristóbal Tepontla (Cholula, Mexico); and seeing fireworks in their syntactic nature, presented as plastic and temporary elements because of its off-on-off action and space elements, due to their sound and light dimension. In order to create tension in the continuity of the video over time, a play of loops of varying length is created, and keeps the viewer waiting for the synchronized completion of the action, a point that may not be reached. Their work focuses on  the audiovisual language of cinema and television. In a short time, these media have created systematic and codified narratives, constructed through camera shots, cuts, sequences, visual and sound resources, and so on… The aim of this project is to propose displacements of this language, using artistic sentences by physically displacing videos in space, constructing cuts and sequences on multiple screens, and abstract narratives about time.