C.J. Chueca



C.J. Chueca (Cecilia Jurado Chueca) lives between Lima (Peru) and New York (USA). She is currently presenting the site specific installation The Force of Water/La Fuerza del Agua at the Core Club in New York City. Last year she had the solo show Somos La Noche y El Día at Vigil Gonzales Galería, and was part of Crónicas Migrantes, Historias communes entre Perú y Venezuela in Lima. Chueca’s history as a perpetual immigrant has led her to explore the concepts of home, territory, transit, multiculturality, uprooting and solitude. She focuses on those whose lives are still on the road (or without a route direction) in the streets of the world.

About the artwork


Each of the internal sides of the walls are ceramic airplane windows, and the outside of the walls is made with a white material resembling the NY subway ceramic tiles on one wall (the day), and dark blue cobalt ceramic tiles on the other wall (the night). We Are Night And Day / Nous Sommes La Nuit Et Le Jour displays a poetic tone about permanent and temporal transitions. Taken from some of the artist principal interests (geographical and biographical transformation and immigration, and identity), this installation comes from a more introspective necessity, grown in most of us lately during quarantine.