Brandon A. Dalmer

Montreal, Canada


Brandon A. Dalmer (b.1984) is currently an MFA candidate in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University (Montreal).

He has participated in multiple residencies and exhibitions across Canada and internationally. His recent shows include The Hiber National Gallery (2021), This Month Only (2018), Ed Video (2018), Latitude 53 (2017), and Katzman Contemporary (2017). Dalmer has been involved in several artist-run organizations and curatorial projects presenting emerging artists, most recently the Roundtable Residency (Toronto) and Wreck City (Calgary). He is also part of the analog/digital installation duo VIDEOMANCY.

His work explores image creation and the relationship humans have to expanding technologies. Through research and process-based work, his practice investigates the black boxes around us, machine learning, generative processes and robotic assistance.

About the artwork

Brandon A. Dalmer, Colin Canary and Marley Johnson participate in a series of open studios and workshops to reveal the hidden structures behind technology, painting and research-creation.

Inspired by the word “generative,” they explore new collaborative techniques such as group discussions, surveys, voting, etc. They hope this collaboration enables new avenues in their respective work.