Bertrand Planes



Bertrand Planes lives and works in Paris (France). A former computer scientist, he is a graduate of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD) and the École supérieure d’Art de Grenoble. His work has been exhibited at the Ben Kaufmann Gallery (Berlin), the Ekaterina Foundation (Moscow) and the Etagi Gallery (Saint Petersburg). He also participates in various group exhibitions in France and abroad. Bertrand Planes draws on science, computer tools and social mechanisms to stage objects diverted from their practical functions. Through his poetic works, he creates a parallel world that is critical of our connected and digitized universe. He constantly questions the environment in order to center the human being, with all their imperfections, their sensitivity and their matter.

About the artwork


Random Clock is a modified commercial clock with randomly rhythmic mechanism: the seconds hand moves by one “tic” within a delay (randomly chosen by a microprocessor) ranging between 0 and 2 seconds. Bertrand Planes takes an amused and critical look at technology by diverting this commonplace and banal object from its utilitarian and commercial functions, while preserving its aesthetic qualities. The clock is on average on time, but its fluctuations (ahead or delayed) are similar to our own perception of time.